Thursday, June 4, 2009

Convergence of Policy and Business: President Obama's Priorities

President Obama's priorities would have a transformative impact on the United States in many respects. During the 2008 campaign, he advanced many of these policies in terms of long-term sustainability for the US economy, the national and global environment, and the improved quality-of-life impacts for Americans. Since his election and during his Presidency, in the climate of our troubled economy, he has advanced his agenda as a threshold to not only restore our economy, but also to do so in ways that transform our current struggles into long-term sustainable successes. The business opportunities that are facilitated by the President's agenda can be pursued by Americans of all political persuasions, and, as such, are entirely bipartisan. President Obama has truly championed the vision of utilizing our current predicament as a watershed opportunity to build tomorrow's America.

President Obama's agenda lays the foundation for major business challenges and opportunities, as our national success in each of these areas will improve life in America, revitalize our economy, and establish the US's worldwide pre-eminence in each of these fields. The President's priorities are clear from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, his leadership in legislation on Capitol Hill, and his White House conferences. At many industry-specific and general policy conferences across the country, there has been a clear recognition of the need for -- and rewards of -- concerted, timely action that takes advantage of the Federal leadership in these domains. There has been a broad understanding of the clear confluence of policy and business, from bipartisan perspectives, in a broad range of technologies and industries. Political and business interests are aligned, and results will now depend on timely, focused, committed action on behalf of all those who are willing to devote their capital, intellectual, human, and other resources to these efforts.

In digesting the discussions, presentations, and agendas of many conferences, forums, and gatherings in recent months, many technological and subject-matter areas appear ripe for action by stakeholders in the business, non-profit, academic research, and other sectors. The following five areas are among those which rise to the top of the list of the many business opportunities that are facilitated, encouraged, and supported by the Obama Administration:
  • development of an advanced nationwide health information technology infrastructure and integrated, operational system;
  • establishment of a carbon "cap and trade" market, based on offsets, conservation, and shifting to renewable energy "clean tech" technologies;
  • deployment of broadband technologies to enable all Americans to participate in the digital-based economy (via fiber, WiMax, 3G, WiFi networks, BPL, and other technologies);
  • development of technologies that convert high-value waste streams and municipal solid wastes into useable diesel fuels; and
  • advancement of broad-based, affordable access to education and job skills training via e-learning that can be monitored and which leads to tangible results.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as there certainly are other fields and technologies in which the Obama Administration is encouraging and supporting advances and business activity. The Bipartisan Bridge community is encouraged to submit additional technological and business arenas which are of high priority to the Administration, and which can have a beneficially transformative impact on our nation's economy and quality-of-life.