Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bipartisanship and Post-partisanship Are Likely To Be Central Themes in This Year's Presidential Election !!

Although this year's Presidential Campaign has heated up, and is sure to become increasingly contentious, both Senator McCain and Senator Obama have defined themselves as bipartisan / post-partisan leaders who, as President, would embrace these values by reaching across party lines. Yet, some observers have suggested that, even if their commitment is heartfelt, the political climate which is inculcated in Washington DC will inhibit their efforts to change the political dynamics. Irrespective of these views, it can also be observed that Senators Obama and McCain have differing interpretations of the meaning and role of bipartisanship / post-partisanship in governing, and that they would have different styles in achieving this objective.

So, reading the tea leaves, their records, their statements, their policies, their personalities, and any other relevant indicators, what do you think? What is your impression of what bipartisanship / post-partisanship means to them? Which of the Senators do you think would be more likely -- and able -- to advance these principles as President?

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